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Commission Slot Deposit

  • Commission Slot Deposit

1 of 10 commission slots for a set of custom buttons with an estimated delivery of the end of the month. After the deposit is received I will reach out to your provided email address within a week and the details of this commission will be ironed out.

This deposit is refundable, given I have not done any work on it. If work has begun on this project your refund is subject to deductions based on the amount of work done. I also reserve the right to cancel any commission on any grounds with a full refund. All products are not guaranteed to be 1 of 1, and I also reserve the right to resell any designs at my own discretion.

NOTE: This is the DEPOSIT for a custom order, it does not entail the full cost of the final product. I will try my best to make these affordable but to make single sets is extremely difficult, expect the final products to range in price depending on the level of detail requested.